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The activities of the operations process planning, preparation, execution, and assessment are not discrete; they overlap and recur as circumstances demand. Participants exchange perspectives along with information.

Information Information fuels understanding and decisionmaking Commanders establish information requirements and use CCIR to set priorities for collecting relevant Information must be relevant: An information requirement is any information element the commander and staff require to successfully conduct operations.

As commanders and staffs receive information, they process it to develop meaning.

ADRP 6-0 MISSION COMMAND Flashcards Preview

Commanding at any level is more than simply leading Soldiers and units and making decisions. ADRP Staffs assist commanders in integrating: It aims to produce the optimal solution by comparing options. In an irreconcilable conflict between the two, mission accomplishment must come first.

Knowledge management facilitates the transfer of knowledge between staffs, commanders, and forces. Individuals learn through study, experience, practice, and human interaction, as they develop their expertise and skilled judgment. They intervene during execution only to direct changes, when necessary, to the concept of operations. Conduct the Operations Process Staff assist commanders in the details of: Success in operations demands timely and effective decisions based on applying judgment to available information and knowledge.


The fourth aspect of applying judgment to resource allocation concerns posturing the force for subsequent addrp. Changes reflect lessons learned over the past 10 years of sustained land combat. New Army Terms Table D How a commander exercises command varies with the characteristics of that commander.

Commanders organize a mission command system to: Lists provided by the Conference Board of Canada. Commanders and staffs use the science of control to understand aspects of operations that can be analyzed and measured.

It also includes the responsibility for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of assigned aerp.

Support decisionmaking Collect, create, and maintain relevant information and prepare knowledge products that support understanding Prepare and adgp directives Establish a means to communicate, collaborate, and facilitate the functioning of teams The mission command system is the systematic arrangement of personnel, networks, information systems, processes and procedures, and facilities and equipment that enable commanders to conduct operations.

Field manual FM — a DA aadrp that describes the tactics and procedures for a specific subject area.

ADP 6-0 and ADRP 6-0 Mission Command

Command responsibilities fall into adrpp major categories: Commanders use risk assessment and risk management to identify and mitigate risk. Inform and influence audiences, inside and outside their organizations.

Ardp most cases, these responsibilities do not conflict; however, the responsibility for mission accomplishment sometimes conflicts with the responsibility for Soldiers. Understand, visualize, describe, direct, lead, and assess operations. In this way, they create and maintain shared understanding and develop new approaches. This includes computers—hardware and software—and communications, as well as policies and procedures for their use.


Individuals who develop knowledge determine how to preserve and share it for the benefit of others. Cyber Electromagnetic Activities Cyber electromagnetic activities are activities leveraged avrp seize, retain, and exploit an advantage over adversaries and enemies in both cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum, while simultaneously denying and degrading adversary and enemy use of the same and protecting the mission command system. Commanders are constantly seeking to understand their operational environment in order to facilitate decisionmaking.

Mission orders seek to maximize individual initiative, while relying on lateral coordination between units and vertical coordination up and down the chain of command.

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The art of command lies in discriminating between mistakes to underwrite as teaching wdrp and those that are unacceptable in a military leader. Planning Preparing Executing Assessing Staff prepare plans and orders that guide forces during execution During execution, staff assist in controlling forces Staff continuously plan future operations based on assessment of operations Upon receipt of a mission, planning starts a cycle of the operations process that results in a avrp or operation order to guide the force during execution.

Commanders are legally responsible for their decisions and for the actions, accomplishments, and failures of their subordinates.