Terminal double TV / FM-SAT terminal Specifications – Bands TV / FM-SAT – 2 exits / splitter MHZ losses db – Return 0 3 – BI 0 6 – Subband 0 6 . DISTRIBUTION. Televes. OUTLETS. Clase A. General technical features End outlet. End outlet. End outlet. End outlet. End outlet. End outlet diplexed equipped with two IEC connectors. The left connector is a male IEC for FM (radio), while the right connector is a female IEC for satellite TV.

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Chassis armor indication is entered. Frequency MHz step.


The sockets and junction boxes feature a new model flange whose main advantage is to facilitate tleves display of the connection in locations where decision is close to the ground. The design of the tightening of the living has been enhanced to comply with specifications of cable operators. With this enhancement, the pressure system would meet the following specifications:.


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Televes 5226 TV/FM – SAT Takes Final Step to DC

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With this enhancement, the pressure system would meet the following specifications: Tteleves a mini cable 4. For a T cable type, weight bearing is: Indication chassis shielding is introduced. Pass frequency MHz. Read all ratings Write your own review.

Wall Sockets Televes

The sockets and junction boxes. Much more Our company Discover more about Monographics Applications, manuals, y tutorials Forum Solve your doubts Max Service TV Installation services. Professionals Installation material sales for companies and F connector 25 Units Exchange.

The sockets and junction boxes 7. Connector angle male 2. F adapter H-H 1.